4 Owner ST-36 treble on the front and a regular No. Every angler should own at least one Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP in Chartreuse Shad color; they are absolutely indispensable. 3.5" Long, 7/16 oz., suspending. DetailsThe Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP V2 was considered the first longbill minnow when it was introduced in 1995. The Staysee was produced to creep towards bass with a pumping retrieve, pausing for a long time to irritate them during the spawning season when females are still protecting their bed. Bassdozer says: "Of all Lucky Craft lures I have used, be they crankbaits, lipless, jerkbaits or topwaters, the Staysee 90 V2 has one of the most life-like actions." SKU: N/A Categories: Lucky Craft, Jerk Baits. Retrieve: The Staysee features classic Lucky Craft movement. The Lucky Craft Staysee 90 SP Version 2 is Murray’s mainstay. Established in Japan, Lucky Craft is a premium hard bait company. I like to use the Bevyshad 75 on a medium light or a medium power rod. 6 Owner ST-36 on the back. Perhaps even more than the Pointer series. With harder, more aggressive jerks of my rod tip, I was flirting with its advertised depth range. Jerk Bait / Lightning Staysee 90SP. The Lucky Craft Staysee 90SS V3 is a deep diving jerkbait designed to reach depths of around 10 feet intending to mimic shad and other baitfish bass feed upon. Perhaps even more than the Pointer series. The Bevyshad has been described as a hybrid between a crankbait and a jerkbait; I believe this is an accurate description. Staysee 90 V2. Lucky Craft StaySee 90SP Jerkbait. The Staysee excels when you use a "stop and go" technique. Qty/Pack: Each. Lucky Craft Lures have been at the forefront of hard bait design and many of tournament wins have been recorded on Lucky Craft lures since their introduction to U.S. anglers in the early 90's. Witnessed in the clear, early spring waters of Clear Lake, California, we could see the Staysee doing almost a tail slap type of dance as it dashed from side to side on successive jerks. Due to its elongated lip, this bass-attracting jerkbait will dive down into the strike zone and stay perfectly suspended at a standstill. Although the Lucky Craft Staysee 90SP Version 2 is billed as a 8 to 10-foot diving jerkbait, I was able to consistently hit the 6 to 8-foot range most often. Lucky Craft Staysee 90SS V3. Lucky Craft Fresh Water Lure Item List. The STAYSEE 90 SP is available in eight colors making this suspending jerk-bait a very effective and exciting lure. Available Options: Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. It has a big bill to help it dive, a soft action when he works it, and it catches bass. Color: Aurora Black, Chartreuse Shad, Ghost Minnow, Phantom Chart Shad. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Before adding any other weight, Murray always changes the hooks, going with a red No. The STAYSEE 90 SP is equipped with a unique combination of rattles, which create the gravity suspending action and permits long casts.