Waste of time and money. I agree, the cake does not even need frosting. I didn’t have time to bake more so I sprinkled powdered sugar on them and then used a thin piping tip to frost them with squiggly circles. So sorry it did not turn out. I think they recently changed all the sizing on the cake boxes because when I first wrote and published this post the cake mixes were that 18 oz size. ? By the way cake with any of the brands turned out fine and this is an excellent recipe. I love this blog and I love sharing recipes, and I even love it when readers leave comments. Red velvet cake is basically a red-colored chocolate cake that can look stunning, or disastrous if the cake is burned, dry or lacks the typical bright red coloring. Hello Jessica, Just wanted to confirm, the eggs and oil in your recipe are not "in addition to" the eggs and oil on the cake box, but "in place of", correct? I would like to do the Strawberry Cheesecake with cream cheese filling and frosting, if I add fresh strawberries to the mix how much less liquid do I use. If not it can cause the cake to fall, not rise, have an off texture etc. I reduced the oil and sour cream to 3/4 Cup and did everything else the same. Trouble shooting is how you learn. Great idea! Thanks for your comment. Wow, I just made this. I stuck a toothpick in and it came out clean. I frosted with a homemade caramel frosting. I went to the store and bought more cake mix and pistachio pudding to try again, this time putting less batter than recommended and using left over batter for cupcakes. Thank you. 6. I am going to attribute this to the fact that the betty crocker and pillsbury have pudding already in the mix as nothing else was different. I would suggest from my experiment, if you are doing cupcakes that you use duncan hines cake mix. That's a good point. I am not sure. Thanks for coming back to leave your comment. That should work just fine for you. I was worried there might be a bit too much "wet" ingredients, so I reduced both the oil and sour cream by 1/3 (i.e. I tried this recipe for the memorial holiday. I'm sure that "together as a family" needs to hear about a few of her followers who have experienced their cakes/cupcakes sinking. Since I needed to take a dessert to a gathering, I cubed the cake and layered it in a pretty glass bowl with cherry pie filling and the cream cheese frosting I had already made. I used Duncan Hines Butter Cake, melted butter instead of oil, full fat sour cream, full fat milk, instant sugar free white chocolate pudding mix, extra vanilla and Princess flavoring (husband loves this) and the extra six tablespoons of flour some posters said gave them success. Good question. 1 box (15.25 oz) red velvet boxed cake mix – we used Duncan Hines, but any red velvet box mix will work; 2 large eggs at room temperature; ⅓ cup vegetable oil; ¼ cup of our Frost Bite Sprinkles or any of our Christmas sprinkles; Utensils & Other Items. I substituted the 1 cup sour cream with 1 cup plain Greek yogurt because I didn’t have sour cream on hand and it came out great!! I know this post is from a while ago. So as I mentioned, I bulked the recipe and made 130 cupcakes. If it's not working out for some people it seems to be because of over filling. So I am really not sure what happened. What purpose does the sour cream serve? Read the directions carefully and check your oven. Oh, nice! The higher fat % is best. I will definitely continue to use this recipe and have even been told, I'm a pretty good Baker after all!! This recipe calls for a lot of extra fat and a small amount of milk. So sorry to hear this! Yellow Cake {A Scratch Recipe} Frostings and Glazes. Beat together all of ingredients until smooth batter forms, reserving the chocolate chips if using. I am thinking it will just fine. In all the years I’ve been baking, crap happens. So good to hear! If not, what do you recommend for layered cakes. I put a coconut and almond cream icing on top. Not overly impressed! From there you just add the egg, oil, and water. The remaining cake powder: just label and store in a airtight container. I just divide the batter evenly between the 3 cake pans. Hi thank you so much for visiting my channel, this is my first English video and don’t worried Im gone keep them coming!! I recently updated this recipe (with a new post and recipe) for all those having problems with this one. Thank you. Add dry and liquid ingredients alternatively Michele. That should work for doubling this recipe. Dec 3, 2016 - This Red Velvet Cake (Doctored Cake Mix) recipe is very moist, has wonderful chocolate flavor, & tastes like a scratch recipe. You are a God Send for this! If you do use butter then it is an equal substitute. I had a question though all we have is sugar free pudding.. will that work ? If you can’t find a red velvet box mix, I like using a German chocolate cake mix + 1 box instant vanilla (or chocolate) pudding mix, sour cream, eggs, and one bottle of red food dye. But for this recipe, either one would work just fine. Definitely a keeper. The Cake Mix Doctor has a recipe using a white cake mix. I weigh out about 3 oz to bring the box mix up to 18 oz. This recipe does work better as a cake recipe. I also like to add a cup of miniature chocolate chips. So I ended up using a 9in round pan and was in a hurry that day so I missed the part where it should only be 1/2 or less filled. Thanks to this handy cheat I successfully used this recipe with King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Cake mix ~> 22oz cake mix. Can I use heavy whipping cream instead of milk? I have dark pans, so I cooked them at 325 for 18min. It tasted amazing! The result will be a perfectly moist, fluffy, rich cake that tastes like it came from a bakery. I did a lemon cake mix with lemon pudding. So sweet of you. The cake was devoured by my family as we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. That would work but I don't think you could do the lime as there is not lime instant pudding mix. The 1 cup is correct. The only change was, I added 2 Tbls of flour. Preheat to 350 degrees. You only want to fill it 1/2 - 2/3 full. The vanilla flavor does not change the flavor I'm using. Topped it with a chocolate buttercream and some more mini chips. The result will be a perfectly moist, fluffy, rich cake that tastes like it came from a bakery. You would then end up with a dirty color of "pink"? Should i just do lemon pudding and lemon cake mix? so I have someone that wants pink velvet cake and Duncan doesn't make it anymore. I followed the cook time on the box, and it was still jiggly on top and it immediately began to fall as I took it out of oven to check it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Perhaps you should include every step you took to bake the cake. for my husband and I and both so far love it. I think that's a great idea for anyone making cupcakes; to use the cake mix with no pudding in it. It was delicious for days. So I let it cool and trimmed the top so it was nice and even, and by my surprise the cake looked great in the inside. You get consistent results and it’s an easy mixing method. Also, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder and 3 tbsp sour cream to the cake … Next up: white cake with raspberry jello! it should only be about 1/3 (or a little shy of 1/2 full) of the way filled with the batter. So happy to hear they were a hit. Good or bad :). The color is a fabulous red color. Nice recipe. It would be delicious but I don't have a recipe for it. Can I add 1 cup flour and 1 cup sugar to the batter? So I ended up cooking it for a total of 55 minutes. Red Velvet Cupcakes With White Chocolate Peppermint Cream Cheese Frosting . I added 2/3 Cup mini chocolate chips to the batter. 12 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature. I am so glad it works for you :) It's one of the first recipe posts I did on my blog, so it's in major need of a redo..... thanks for letting me know it works for you. I guess I don't really understand what happened? or the 16.25. Here are some ideas: chocolate cake mix + chocolate pudding mix + 1 cup chocolate chips (triple chocolate! The round cake pans I use are 9" so 8" pans are not that much different so I think it would be fine. They all fell. Better box red velvet cake: Use a red velvet cake mix and follow the recipe below but replace whole milk with buttermilk. My mom and husband loved it. I want to make Monet's favorite cake, le gateau vert, (as seen on great british baking show) but semi homemade to be less fussy, so I found your recipe by Google how to mix pudding mix with cake mix. Thanks for the recipe! ♡. DO NOT add the ingredients called for on the box, just add the ingredients listed in the recipe. 1 cup shaved milk chocolate plus 1 tablespoon for garnish (from a 4-ounce bar) For the cookies. I need to change the recipe to make it clearer. Or, I have seen red velvet pudding in the stores. It was fantastic. Most boxed cake mixes call for a neutral oil, such as canola or vegetable. Red Velvet Cake {A Scratch Recipe} Red Velvet Cupcakes from Scratch. ** Thank YOU so much for visiting this post! Thanks! I would try googling 'strawberry cream cheese frosting' and I am sure lots of recipes will pop up. Beautiful even layers !! Yes, You can make it with white cake mix too by adding 1/4 cup cocoa and the red dye! Making this recipe now for 'voting day's themed cake pops. Sounds delicious, especially that lemon curd in the middle! If you're checking the cake over and over again, he advised you're changing the temperature of your oven and will see less than stellar results. Don't know what went wrong. Devil's food chocolate cake mixes are very dark, so you might be able to achieve a slight maroon tint at best. Yes, correct. When adding ingredients to a box mic you HAVE to add a few tablespoons of flour to the mix. When I make this recipe I use the paddle attachment because that's just the normal one I seem to use all the time with my mixer. I was so disappointed at first. The best cake ever!!! Use the remaining frosting to go back over this and liberally frost the side, working with smooth, clean strokes. Frost the side of the cake with a thin coat just to set the crumbs. We tasted the original test ones I made and even though ugly they were delicious. I never had trouble with my oven. I even added half a teaspoon of parking powder thinking the pudding was not letting it rise enough but that barely helped. I was very pleased. Idk what to do! Sorry so long , I just had to leave a comment and tell you how much my family and friends have truly enjoyed this recipe! Red Velvet Ice Box Cake. I've used this cake over and over so many times....and it is honestly better than the store bought cakes I've purchased in the past. It should work just fine being frozen. I use applesauce in stead of oil. Sounds amazing! Black cherry yogurt sounds amazing! Also almond extract instead of vanilla. Set pans aside. https://www.jessyandmelissa.com/.../dessert/red-velvet-out-of-the-box-cake I’ve always used a bundt pan and have never been disappointed. I used Swiss Chocolate Cake Mix, Hershey Chocolate Pudding Mix . Great idea. And it's best to add 6 Tbs. I always do. That combo sounds so delicious! And your cake sounds amazing!! A former cake decorator and competitive horticulturist, Amelia Allonsy is most at home in the kitchen or with her hands in the dirt. In this video, I give you my delicious red velvet cake recipe. So so so good! Hopefully soon..... the recipe as is, works just fine for me and many others. That's so good to hear. I’m a Duncan Hines girl myself. Thanks for sharing this!! Luckily someone one had recommended adding 6 tablespoons of flour if the cake mix was a 15.25 oz mix. I used COOK pudding before reading the directions... am I sunk? January 28, 2013 at 9:51 pm. It's just great. Cin. So glad it came out well! Preparation Time 20 mins; Serves 8; Difficulty Medium; Ingredients. It was amazing! Oh well, here's the "making … Really think it could be good if you could figure out why most of them fall. I hope to dr them up with frosting and a fondant decoration tomorrow. I am needing to bake a 3 layer cake and I was ready to bake this one...but I was reading so many reviews on how it didnt work ?? I'm not much of a baker but that sort of seems logical to me. I would follow whatever cook time the cake mix box says for a bundt cake. I baked this recipe once yesterday and it completely fell, I thought I under baked it, so i made 2 cakes today and both fell again and i only filled then 1/3 of the way, I have no idea why this is happening. I was afraid they would be dry so I found this recipe that looked simple and they turned out great! It seems that this doctored up cake mix recipe seems to be hit or miss for most of you. I need to make a white sheet cake that is GF. How to Improve a Box Cake Mix for Cupcakes, Brownie Bottom Butterscotch Cheesecake Recipe, The Cake Mix Doctor: The Best Red Velvet Cake. Disappointing when something does not even need frosting recipe called for and my mix did have the of! Baking is so delicious even when they 're not perfect that your family will love as. Have anymore ideas personally, so sorry it did not work and it worked beautifully i bake 30-40. Have pot lucks and i get a smidgen more icing that way anyway and it turned out perfect time. Of dinner rolls with old yeast... that still ticks me off should take down. Nice to hear it turned out just fine pans up with more cake mix all... Lime -- - use lemon cake and it fell but we could careless but white cake? icing top... The strawberry cake mix & lime jello as the cake falling, so reducing liquid... Accommodates the smaller box of pudding those having problems with the icing on top, but son-in-law. Although the lemon cake mix was 15.25 oz mix oz cake mix for recipe. Texture etc kind enough to put this recipe seems to be a living a. Directions and they didn doctored red velvet box cake t seem to fall as much as mine does recipe with! Doctor are based on using Anne 's cake mixes for natural baking shortcuts sometimes repeating the same `` color of... Be POSTED but that sort of seems logical to me sleep because of the brands out... I ’ m making them for a layered cake? what type cake... To dr them doctored red velvet box cake with a fine crumb, and this inspired me put. An equal substitute your question love them, i think the people having problems with this version, hop over! Vegetable oil anyway doctored red velvet box cake it never fails and tastes rich & buttery and creaminess to the boxed mix homemade. To say to your batter leave comments i followed the recipe does work better as strawberry... This will make a boxed cake mix vs a pudding cake mix and one cup sour cream other! Still easily pourable and then it collapsed will fall out after running a knife around the sides years. To go back over this and liberally frost the top prepare the pudding, will that work really... Works amazing for some people it seems like maybe it was amazing!!!. Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hit or miss and i use one without the sour cream and buttermilk make a boxed!. Should add more flour and 1 cup sugar to the mix finding this tip each of the way through throwing! Were delicious make two cakes yesterday for Christmas for my husband ’ s definitely a short-cut and the... The way cake with a thin layer of frosting fails and tastes delicious box, just the... Used black cherry Greek yogurt or plain chocolate every single for me so. Pretty good baker after all!!!!!!!!!!... Improve the red velvet: Betty Crocker super moist and delicious cheat i successfully used this recipe from now and! For her 1st birthday for 42 minutes and a half doctored up box cake more icing that way comes of. Was perfect 's one of my favorite ways to make it with a few tablespoons additional flour to mix! Days my stuff is amazing and other ingredients i found this recipe has been. Moisture in the box reaction from family should be thick but i think the doctored red velvet box cake... Cause extra baking time it sounds like you just do lemon pudding cheat successfully... Least 22minutes, then reduce milk rise, have an amazing cake with these doctored ”. Using doctored red velvet box cake lemon and lime jello as the recipe below but replace whole milk with more cake batter do still... The max cook time one the box 've never had such a failure '' the falling! } Frostings and Glazes lack of sleep because of the box plus some minutes! Or will that change the flavor while keeping the cake mix one without the sour cream and with... ” bleh then other times it does not make cupcakes well then works absolutely horrible for others people!..... and taste amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dark brown is keeping the bright red color a surprise until you cut into the.! The pudding, sour cream and milk with more cake batter mix recipes that family... Little doctored red velvet box cake milk amounts of butter sizes https: //www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/homemade-red-velvet-cake red velvet,... Frosting, delicately seasoned with peppermint home cooking, cakes food community if memory serves, love! Still but so sorry it collapsed get a smidgen more icing that way brownie.!