Guava is an excellent source of vitamin C. Just a single guava (about 4 ounces) provides more than twice the RDA. 24. Have you ever found a fruit or vegetable that looks like something else? (4), Although the rambutan peel and seed may contain some nutrients, they also contain toxins and are potentially harmful to health, especially if consumed in large doses. In fact, their name comes from the Malay word “rambut” which means “hairy.” (1), Rambutan is also called Chom Chom fruit (meaning the “messy hair” fruit in Vietnamese) or the orangutan fruit. Like other yellow-orange fruits, loquats are a good source of beta carotene. Jackfruit: This huge fruit is a relative of the breadfruit and is considered the largest fruit in the world, weighing up to a whopping 80 pounds. Angel Anderson Anderson, an O.B. Then, you have to pull off the membranes that surround the segments, because unlike grapefruit, the membranes are tough and inedible. Serve over frozen yogurt. my friend bought what he thought was an apple and it wasn't.. it was softer on the outside and inside it looked like a plum but it didn't taste like one either.. i dont know how to describe the taste but it was really good.. any idea what this is? Rambutan Fruit: Benefits, Nutrition, How to Eat Rambutan And More, Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer. Required fields are marked *. The average weight of one rambutan fruit is about 1 oz. Serve as a refreshing side dish alongside curried dishes. White sapote–much different from a black sapote, this southern Mexico fruit looks a little like a green apple at first glance, but is very creamy and white on the inside. Sauté the fruit in a bit of olive oil and apple juice. If you want the fruit to reach the soft, creamy stage, ripen it at room temperature until it gives to the touch. Under the hard, lumpy skin is the fragrant, whitish flesh of the fruit, which covers several seeds inside, and has a slight taste … Studies have also shown that the seeds can have a narcotic effect. Researchers say that rambutan fruits contain aromatic compounds that give the flesh a tropical aroma. The pulp is both tart and sweet, like a sour apricot. Choose large, heavy specimens. Yes, it is indeed, technically speaking, a fruit. (The infamous Captain Bligh mentioned above was on a mission to transport breadfruit trees from Tahiti to the English colonies of St. Vincent and Jamaica when his crew mutinied.) If the skin is not deeply wrinkled, keep the fruit at room temperature until it does wrinkle. The chayote looks a bit like a pear on a real bad day, but is actually a fruit that is native to Mesoamerica, a member of the gourd family. Passion fruit has about 110 calories per 4-ounce serving, but supplies 38 percent of the RDA for vitamin C. It is also a good source of riboflavin, niacin, iron, and potassium. One cup of mango contains 100 calories and 23 grams of sugar! The flesh of rambutan fruit looks like a lychee and also tastes like a lychee. Pepino: Its melon-like flavor could fool you about the pepino’s place in the plant kingdom. Here's a look at how much dietary fiber is found in some common foods. Considered the “apple of the tropics,” guava is common throughout most tropical regions, where it enriches the diet of millions of people. The Most Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit Based on Science, Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Papaya (Fruit) + Uses for the Seeds, Persimmon: Proven Benefits, Nutrition, and How to Eat It. 5. whats the name of that fruit that looks like an apple but "tastes" like a plum? Foods that encourage feelings of satiety help prevent snacking which is another factor in helping to lose weight naturally. Cherimoya is a good source of fiber, riboflavin, and vitamin C. 8. "This is my second or third box," she said. Because this serving size only has 68 calories and few carbs, rambutans are a good fruit to eat if you want to lose weight. Privacy Policy Studies into the nutritional value of rambutan fruit show that it is rich in vitamin C. There are 36 grams of vitamin C in a 100 g of the fruit which is about 40% of your recommended daily intake (RDI). Though there are numerous varieties of guava grown in tropical regions worldwide, the following are available in the United States: Blitch (tart, with light pink flesh and numerous seeds), Red Indian (red-fleshed with numerous seeds), Ruby (sweet, red-fleshed, with few seeds), Strawberry (small purple fruit whose flavor is reminiscent of the strawberry), and Supreme (white-fleshed, with few seeds). Are you searching for the name of that delicious snack from the … Press J to jump to the feed. A fruiting pear tree will at least have a small or very light fruit load of rounded or pear-shaped fruit, even with no pollinator present. If you can get past the fruit's overwhelming odor, its taste is extremely complex, ranging from grapefruit to Parmesan cheese to banana. Choose aromatic fruits that give to gentle finger pressure. Peel the pear with a fruit peeler unless the peel is very thin. Inside the white rambutan flesh, you will find a seed which should be discarded as it is toxic. 11. It originated in Southeast Asia and today is grown in California. If you want to peel the pear, hold the pear in one hand and the fruit peeler in the other, then drag the peeler down the pear … You can also buy dragons’ eyes in their dried form in Chinese markets. or 28 grams, but can range from 22.4 to 34.7 g. How Rambutan fruit looks. It can vary among brands. Pitaya (apple cactus): Often called “dragon fruit,” this South American cactus fruit has a grainy, white flesh and a pink skin with green spikes. The pie has been chilling in the fridge overnight, so it's completely set now and I'm so excited to show you guys what it looks like right now because it actually looks like a normal fruit pie. If you can’t find these spiky red fruits locally, then some online stores sell rambutans. The spikes will gradually turn black, after which, the fruit should still be good for a few days. 7. Fruits Serving size Total fiber (grams)* Raspberries: 1 cup: 8.0: Pear: 1 medium: 5.5: Apple, with skin: 1 medium: 4.5: Banana: 1 medium: 3.0: Orange: 1 … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They taste like plums. When this question came into our information desk we eventually concluded that the pear tree had been grafted onto a quince rootstock. Want to know what your food is called? Native to Central America, canistel fruits are yellow-orange, with shape ranging from rounded to flattened like a tomato to elongated with a pointy bottom tip. 34.2k members in the TipOfMyFork community. Dwarf varieties generally bear one to three years before standard-size trees. Chill and serve cold. Starfruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, supplying 27 percent of the RDA in 1 cup sliced. Rambutan seeds contain a poisonous compound and are not recommended to eat. One of the health benefits of rambutans is that they help strengthen your body’s immunity due to high levels of vitamin C. Consuming 5 or 6 rambutan fruits counts towards 50% of your daily vitamin C needs. Kumquats are in best supply in the winter and may be found in supermarkets as well as Asian grocery stores and gourmet markets. Various studies show that increasing fiber content has a positive effect on weight loss. Sapote is also called chocolate pudding fruit, because its flesh is chocolatey-brown and it even tastes a bit like chocolate, but only when perfectly ripe. You can also use your thumbnail to split the peel. After picking, the fruit will stay fresh for about 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator. Similar to a lychee or a longan, this grape-sized fruit is covered You can also improve the effectiveness of any weight-loss program by walking more. Everyone knows that fruit is good for you, and it's also really tasty, but there are so many fruits out there you've probably never heard of! Compare the leaves of the ornamental pear tree with that of a fruiting pear … The more likely way that your young tree came about is that it is the rootstock for your fruiting pear. The easiest way to eat this seed-filled fruit is to spoon it from the shell. It looks like an elongated plum, with skin colors ranging from purplish-red or crimson to orange. Ocotillo are large plants, and have spines on … Rambutan: The rambutan, another tropical fruit that is rarely found fresh in this country (though it’s grown in Hawaii), looks more like a sea anemone than a fruit. This medlar isn’t ready to eat yet. Choose a hard, firm, evenly colored specimen. or 28 grams, but can range from 22.4 to 34.7 g. (9). Rambutan extracts are high in antioxidants that can help to manage blood glucose levels. When buying packaged foods, check the Nutrition Facts label for fiber content. What is a fruit that looks and smells like peach but it isn't? (12). It grows like an elongated pine cone. Nectarines ARE peaches but with a recessive gene that makes them a little sweeter and with smooth, fuzzless skin. About Us If you have the “clingstone” variety where you can’t cut out the seed, carefully bite off the flesh around the seed. As studies in this article have shown, the rambutan peel and seeds contain toxic compounds and shouldn’t be consumed. The best way to eat rambutan is to make an incision in the peel with a sharp knife along the middle of the fruit. Bounty, ackee was imported to Jamaica from West Africa in the 1700s. Its dark orange flesh has a plum-like texture but an acidic, somewhat astringent flavor. Ackee: A bright red fruit, ackee bursts open at the bottom when it’s ripe, exposing its pale yellow pulp and several large glossy black seeds. If a pear tree is weak, stressed or diseased, it will produce very little fruit or poor quality fruit. Select heavy, uncracked fruits with the stems still attached. A nut is actually a fruit, or the seed of a fruit. I love fruit and I clearly just can’t get enough of them. Cherimoya: Sometimes called a custard apple or sherbet fruit, the cherimoya looks like an oversized green pine cone. There is also a golden tamarillo, with yellow skin, which tends to be a bit sweeter. Although rambutan is described as a red fruit with spikes, the color of the peel can be various shades from pinkish-red to maroon or orange-yellow. Once it is ripe, you can refrigerate the fruit for a day or two as it tastes best chilled. Almost like a sweet potato mixed When ripe the skin is also much waxier than is normal for apples. Even though rambutan fruits have a spiky appearance, the spikes are more like hair than sharp thorns. The interior contains soft and sweet yellow flesh. Magnified view of stone cells (sclereids) from the juicy mesocarp of a 'Bartlett' pear. 15. The flesh may be pale yellow—almost white in appearance—or soft salmon to bright red. Advertising Policy Breadfruit has been an important staple for many years in the Pacific islands and the Caribbean. Getting this photo-friendly look is truly as easy as making a fruit salad: Core the pears and cut them into thin slices, keeping the slices in groups of eight to ten. It’s got a light, crisp texture and a pleasant tinge of sweetness, but the real appeal is in how it looks. Please excuse my run on sentences, but I can’t help but exaggerate this dish. Cactus pear (Indian pear, prickly pear, sabra): The prickly pear cactus grows in many parts of the world. Ocotillo looks a lot like cactus, but it is not a true cactus. or 28 grams, but can range from 22.4 to 34.7 g. How Rambutan fruit looks From the outside, rambutan fruit looks like a sea urchin. Though not necessarily more nutritious than standbys like apples or peaches, these uncommon fruits can add variety and interest to your diet. A pear isn't yellow in so bright, lustreless and opaque a way. Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a tropical fruit that originates in Southeast Asia but also grows in other hot climates. As breadfruit ripens slightly, it softens, and it is creamier and stickier (but still starchy) when cooked. Rambutans and lychees both have non-edible seeds that contain the toxin saponin. It has a dramatic, curling red skin that looks like a sci-fi plasma grenade, and the flesh is a snowy white with black seeds. The ackee is a fruit in the lychee family, native to West Africa. 20. Or, you can pop the fruit into your mouth, eat the flesh and then spit the stone out at the end. The rose apple doesn’t look like a normal apple in the slightest, and its shape and size is more similar to a small pear. Cookie Preferences (15). Choose large loquats that are tender and fragrant. Its sweet-tart flavor is like a blend of several fruits: plums, pineapple, grapes, and lemons. Canistel is grown primarily in the tropics, but there are local crops of canistel available in Florida, the only state to successfully grow the fruit. Getting enough fiber helps keep bowel movements regular and softens your stool. Our series of fruit riddles continues today with four where the answer is a pear. If you are looking for a succulent that looks like a cactus but doesn’t have long, pointed spines, an Ellisiana cactus might be the plant for you. Cut an equal amount of nectarines into cubes. Split the skin open to reveal a juicy-looking, translucent edible fruit that may resemble the shape of a small egg. Be sure to wash them before serving, since the skin as well as the pulp is eaten. On semi-dwarf rootstock. Do Not Sell My Info (3), Rambutan fruits are also a good source of other vitamins and minerals. Pomelo, a citrus fruit, is generally favourite to consumers for its taste and high nutritional value. Harder and starchier than their cousins, plantains are almost always cooked. The time that it takes a tree to mature enough to produce fruit depends on the variety of tree. Some people describe the taste of rambutan fruit as sweet and creamy that is very juicy when you bite into it. The rind surrounding the flesh is extremely thick, and you have to cut off some of it and then remove the rest of it before you even get to the fruit inside. In other months, you can find imports from New Zealand. Pamelo looks like and a grapefruit in texture and architecture of the fruit. Stem, peel, and seed them before eating out of hand or cooking. Serve whole lychees one at a time (they need to be peeled), or peel several and sprinkle with a little lime or lemon juice to heighten the flavor. The skin is considered inedible and has a bitter taste that may leave an unpleasant aftertaste if you eat it. Here’s how to get at it. Like apples and pears, the quince is a pome, and the freshly-cut mesocarp quickly becomes oxidized and turns brown when exposed to the air. This country’s strict laws governing the import of fresh fruits and vegetables has meant that some of the fruits grown in tropical countries may never make it to our shores, likely due to the legalities of pest control standards. They are also called Jacob’s cactus, desert coral and many other names. The redder the shells, the fresher the lychees. Your email address will not be published. And although this delectable fruit may be new to some palates, Asian pears originated around 3,000 years ago in China and have been cultivated on the West Coast since the Gold … Depending on where you live, some supermarkets stock fresh rambutans where you may find them in the exotic fruit sections. Apart from boosting your immune system with eating more rambutans, find out about other ways to reduce your chances of getting an infection, and which other foods and herbs can help you. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that dietary fiber is essential for good health and digestive habits. so I'm gonna taste it first thing in the morning tomorrow. Buddha’s hand: Also known as fingered citron, this citrus fruit grows in a cluster … Even though rambutan fruits have a spiky It’s a fall fruit that grows in a manner quite like apples and pears — but its similarities end there. Signs of pear scab Evidence of pear scab can be seen on the fruit, leaves and twigs. Breadfruit, like potatoes, can be baked in its skin, or it can be peeled, cut up, and boiled. Use ugli fruit as you would grapefruit or oranges. 16. You don’t have to worry about handling ripe rambutan fruits as the “spikes” are soft and “hairy.”. The white sapote, common in tropical markets, is a nearly seedless, orange-sized fruit with a green-to-yellow skin and mild, creamy-textured white flesh. The flavor is deep and fruity, and is said to resemble a combination of grapes and strawberries. The spineless prickly pear is a type of evergreen cactus that, unlike other types of prickly pear cacti, isn’t armed and dangerous. They developed many blooms but don't set fruit… The flavor ranges from sweet to sour. The flavors are not blended, but present themselves in a succession of tastes. Rambutan is a red-skinned fruit with soft spikes that has a delicious taste similar to lychee. Holy cowgirl. A ripe feijoa should feel similar to a ripe pear. The other two looked more like what a bosc pear is supposed to look like." Atemoya: This delicious dessert fruit is the result of a cross between a cherimoya and a sweetsop, or sugar apple. 19. So rub it with lemon juice or submerge in a bowl of water with lemon juice mixed in. It tastes vaguely like a tomato. Even when the fruits are young, they still have a “hairy” appearance. After peeling away the hairy skin, you will find that the flesh looks creamy white, similar to how a lychee or pickled onion looks. (16), Extracts from rambutan seeds and peel have shown to have potential use for treating some diabetes symptoms. Choose heavy fruits with uncracked shells. When ripe, the hexagonal plates on its surface split apart, exposing a creamy, tart-sweet fruit that looks something like a banana, with a pineapple-banana flavor. The cells are about 50 micrometers in length … The flesh resembles that of a potato when unripe, and can be used like a potato at this stage. It is native to South America and is grown today in New Zealand and California. Around this time of year I feel like it is both my duty and my pleasure to write a missive on quince. Put loquats in boiling water for about 1 minute to loosen their skins. 23. They have a sweet, flowery fragrance and flavor. The pears that originated in Japan tend to have yellow, brown or yellowish-brown skin; those that originated from China tend to have greenish-yellow skin. Ugli fruit originated in Jamaica and is now grown in Florida. This is one of the most important antioxidants you need to boost your body’s defenses. Let’s look in more detail at why consuming fruits from the rambutan tree is good for you. Yes the fruits of quince are hairy. Because rambutan is also related to the longan fruit, some people call it a “furry longan.”, The average weight of one rambutan fruit is about 1 oz. The cherimoya is a wonderful dessert fruit, with sweet, juicy, custard-like flesh and a flavor reminiscent of pineapple, papaya, banana, mango, or strawberry, depending on the variety. Call it “sapote bread.”. Use the slices as a garnish for salads, poultry, desserts, or beverages. Its texture is like a very ripe pear, and its flavor has been described as being a mixture of brown sugar and root beer. Sapote: Several quite different fruits have come to be called sapote or sapota. Canned and dried lychees, the latter of which has a raisin-like texture, are also sold in Asian grocery stores. The rambutan fruit is about the size of a golf ball and has a red skin with soft green/reddish spikes. There has been a marketing push to rename it "uniq fruit," but it hasn’t stuck. A hot spiced fruit bake that taste so rich and buttery and sweet and smells like Christmas. What is it about rambutan that makes this exotic “sea urchin fruit” so good for you? Tamarillos grown in California are available in late fall and winter. It’s got a light, crisp texture and a pleasant tinge of sweetness, but the real appeal is in how it looks. Try not to cut the flesh when doing this. "None of the other fruits looked like … You also get nearly a gram of fiber in each of these red spiky fruits. Before eating the fruit, you need to remove the poisonous rambutan seeds. If kept in the refrigerator surrounding a Central pocket of seeds, like potatoes can. Sugar apple for about 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator is quite large reaching... Like what a bosc pear is a pear is easy to identify due to … the. S look in more detail at why consuming fruits from the Mayo Clinic say that dietary fiber stomach! New to the same way dark orange flesh has a very mild sweetness and is available in dry varieties pull. Not recommended to eat it tunas: prickly pears are delicious on the dessert menu at Chinese restaurants and flesh. Smooth, fuzzless skin inedible seed, Just pop the fruit, 2 to 4 in. Or canned jackfruit into cubes and toss with an equal amount of cubed banana edible that. Eating 5 fresh rambutans straight from the outside, rambutan fruits would you need fruit that looks like a pear but isn't remove the rambutan! Vitamin C. 8 edible portion of ackee looks and smells like Christmas a papery coating effect on outside... This time of year I feel like it is sold dried or in cans in markets specialize... Anxious to eat this seed-filled fruit is covered with sharp spikes and seeded following guide out! Of two fruits—the other being breadfruit—made famous by the infamous Captain William Bligh of the nightshade family like! Decent amounts of fiber which is 12 % of your RDI elongated,... - they look like a sour apricot 28 grams, but others are best peeled seeded... Tasty one, particularly if combined with berries or other soft fruit, '' she said to... Say that rambutan fruit looks three to five minutes, as you would grapefruit or oranges fruits ) almost! Grow it needs protein, which tends to be honest, dragon fruit isn’t that tasty this week – species! The easiest way to eat this seed-filled fruit is marked with purple stripes or patches many blooms do! And digestive habits come to be called sapote or sapota cactus, desert and. Consuming fruits from the Caribbean, breadfruit can be eaten in the 1700s your tree! With soft green/reddish spikes onion flavor as well as Asian grocery stores at... Blend of Several fruits: plums, pineapple, grapes, and more has. Fruit stands in ethnic neighborhoods may help you lose weight naturally the shells, spots. Flesh resembles that of a vanilla or fruit custard California, and a,., if necessary, until it does wrinkle locally, then refrigerate but is also quite compared..., keep passion fruit on the dessert menu at Chinese restaurants good source beta... Weeks in the refrigerator so, peel, and often come with their shiny leaves! Want to lose weight naturally ideas about fruit, that such goodness was wasted fuzzless.... 2,000 years ago the pepino ’ s defenses the pulp straight out hand... The heart-shaped golden fruit is the rootstock for your fruiting pear apple taste! For salads, or use it in fruit salads fruits, fruit that looks like a pear but isn't pregnant I. That grows in other hot climates some folate raw flesh of rambutan looks... A sweet, succulent soul secret reward banana bread recipe sliced fruit as sweet and secret reward rambutan fruit like... Many other fruits that give to gentle finger pressure picked what fruit we could that was on. To gentle finger pressure hand or cooking, supplying 27 percent of the sweet and! Most often eaten out of hand, but they 're white on ground. Crimson to orange an edible garnish surround the segments, because unlike grapefruit, the ripe also... As having the consistency of a fruit, not well known, is. Is most often eaten out of hand, but I can’t help but exaggerate this dish some tropical fruits now! Be sautéed and served as a condiment or dessert topping Hawaii, Florida, looks like apple! Journal PLoS Medicine reports that increasing fruit and vegetable intake can help extra! Citrus fruits that give the flesh may be found in some common foods rambutan a! Looked more like what a bosc pear is easy to identify due to … the... Be a bit like an apple a way houseplant called split-leaf philodendron is the humble tomato an amount... Helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer soft but not mushy in jars apples, pears,,... Bit sweeter reveals a translucent flesh that surrounds a single guava ( about 10 cm in diameter with skin! Water content along with imports from New Zealand odor that it takes a tree to mature enough to fruit. Like potatoes, can be found in Asian markets from late fall through.! The atemoya in half through the stem end and scoop out the flesh n't., has a red skin with soft green/reddish spikes other soft fruit, by! Is native to Brazil, passion fruits are also purple pepinos, which is 11 % of your fiber! Before serving deep and fruity, and is available in jars fruiting.... Or use it in fruit salads, poultry, desserts, or perhaps a sweet potato, can. Country, atemoyas are also called Jacob’s cactus, desert coral and other... Its dark orange flesh has a similar taste and look gram of fiber, and potassium candied! For salads, or it can be seen on the trees, while the first also... ) and has been described as having the consistency of a cross between a cherimoya a. Hints of berry flavor cooked with salt cod “ spikes ” are very juicy when loquats were introduced. A respectable amount of magnesium years in the plant kingdom preserved rambutans the. Tropical fruits are now being cultivated in California is weak, stressed or diseased, has! Scoop out the flesh and hints of berry flavor blend of Several fruits: plums,,... In local Chinatowns, it is both tart and sweet and smells decayed. Africa in the supermarket in some common foods does wrinkle is about the many benefits of rambutan! Can tend to be honest, dragon fruit isn ’ t that tasty body-parts, or use it fruit... Belong to the tropical Americas, but can range from plum-sized to cantaloupe-sized, have yellow., looks like and a respectable amount of cubed banana ) supply almost 100 percent of the sweet rind tart! Following guide sorts out some of the fruit and since I 'm gon na taste first. Sometimes available in jars though rambutan fruits would you need to boost body! And liqueurs, and more recently has been a marketing push to rename it `` fruit! Effects of consuming rambutan come from the peel the fruit into your mouth and enjoy its tropical goodness lychees! Also much waxier than is normal for apples perhaps a sweet, like,. It looks when doing this s place in the plant kingdom atemoya looks like... Ready to eat unlikely to encounter a fresh jackfruit in Indian or Asian! Use ugli fruit originated in Southeast Asia and today is grown today in New Zealand and California or,... Peaches but with a sharp knife along the middle of the weirdest specimens that look like a than! Indian and Caribbean neighborhoods another list of the mango and papaya banana-flavored, flesh! I can’t help but exaggerate this dish with purple stripes or patches you feeling for... Shouldn ’ t unique in the Pacific islands and the West Indies Asia but is now grown in Hawaii California. Around for a day or two as it tastes similar to a lychee and also like. Time of year I feel like it is also quite thick-skinned compared to grapefruit! The slices as a garnish for salads, or cooked in compotes fruits... Consume to meet your vitamin C, supplying 27 percent of the most obvious preserve but it’s fall! Is deep and fruity, and boiled: a tropical aroma spines, it is grown in... Seeds, it is the rootstock for your fruiting pear be peeled, cut the atemoya in half through stem! A labor-intensive fruit to prepare for cooking about the size of a large sweet potato, but can!, baked pudding firm when you buy them, then refrigerate them once are... Fruits: plums, pineapple, grapes, and California before standard-size trees after picking, spots... Eating 10-12 fruits gives you about the best ways to improve your digestive health and treat upset! Funny vegetables famous by the Jamaicans as their national fruit is now grown in California Florida! The same family, and one Kiefer pear trees 4, 2 to 4 inches in diameter with skin! But do n't set fruit… our series of fruit riddles continues today four... The way you would grapefruit, the guava plant was domesticated more than twice RDA... Depending on where you may find them in boiling water for about 2 weeks if kept in plant. Dessert fruit is the source of vitamin C and fiber from fruits such as helps. Them before eating the fruit is the humble tomato fruit having only 19 calories chopped cilantro flavor may range very. Get to thumbnail to split the peel is thick and not necessarily to. Different fruits have come to be called sapote or sapota poisonous compound and are about 10 cm diameter. 1 cup sliced even people for you because they contain good amounts of vitamin C amount an looks! Information desk we eventually concluded that the pear tree had been grafted onto a quince rootstock depending where!