Guess what Japan hit them with? One struck her starboard side aft and the other crashed close aboard. USS Hammann (DD-412) sunk after being torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-168 north-east of Midway Island, 6 June 1942. PT-219 damaged in storm and scrapped, near Attu, Aleutian Islands, 14 September 1943. The burning ship floated for several hours in "Ironbottom Sound" before finally sinking. It headed back to the Pacific and fought at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Damage was minimal and the ship remained on duty in the South Pacific. The enemy planes were obscured by cloud cover and managed to score numerous hits along the length of the ship. Seventy-two men went down with the Walke in her final battle, and 6 more survivors died of their wounds. USS Reid (DD-369) was escorting ammunition resupply convoys headed for Ormoc Bay on 11 December 1944 when at 1700, as many as 12 Japanese aircraft targeted Reid for destruction. Taylor founded the company in 1957 when, as a sales manager at a Cadillac dealership, he saw a need for folks who needed rides to and from the shop while their vehicles were maintenanced. USS YSP-42 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. The ship was scrapped in 1977 after a prestigious career. USS LCI(L)-339 sunk off New Guinea, 4 September 1943. Gilmer would resume her duties by early July. USS YC-970 lost in Puget Sound, Washington, 14 August 1943. The majority of her nearly 800 survivors were rescued two days later by landing and patrol craft dispatched from Leyte Gulf. USS Long (DMS-12) sunk by kamikaze attack in Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 6 January 1945. With assistance from the salvage tugs Hopi and Moreno; Savannah got underway under her own steam by 17:57 hours and steamed for Malta. Thirty minutes later, all major fires were out, and salvage work had been started. While leaving the Guadalcanal area on 9 August 1942, at 0130 she steamed right past a Japanese task force on their way to meet the Americans near Savo Island. USS Rowan (DD-405) was assisting the landings in the Gulf of Salerno on 10 September 1942 when her convoy of ships was attacked by German E-boats shortly after midnight. USS Tang (SS-306) sunk by own torpedo off Formosa, 24 October 1944. It was able to down between two and five enemy planes, but still took one torpedo and six bomb hits that doomed the ship. While making repairs; at 18:40 an enemy twin engine bomber dropped two bombs that scored on Palmer's portside. While the battleships Utah, Arizona, and Oklahoma were permanently lost after the Pearl Harbor attacks, seven combat ships that were sunk in the raid went on to fight Japanese and German forces around the world, and at least three non-combat ships saw further service in the war. 81 crew were killed during the night's action. The brand, Real Estate Maximums, got its start back in 1973 when veteran, Dave Liniger, found success in flipping houses. The guide has vital checklists, charts, a database of federal resources, including the VA’s Caregiver Program. Both the hangar and flight decks were heavily damaged. USS YC-898 lost off Key West, Florida, 29 September 1942. From folks who did their 20+ years and retired, to those who served a few years before finding a new career path, these dedicated Americans hide among us every day. The American task force sent up a surprise ambush in the dark of night to "cross the T" and inflict several losses to the Japanese in the resulting Battle of Cape Esperance. Today Missouri is a museum ship in Pearl Harbor, watching over the sunken USS Arizona. USS YC-718 lost due to enemy action at Guam, Marianas Islands, December 1941, and stricken from the Navy List, 21 April 1944. Following her repairs, the ship served as a replenishment carrier and eventually in "Magic Carpet". A torpedo passed underneath Oglala and hit Helena amidships on the starboard side. Before she made much progress, though, the heavy cruiser lost all power. Officially, 219 men were reported missing or killed. USS LST-314 sunk by German motor torpedo boats off Normandy, France, 9 June 1944. She was scrapped in 1961. USS Luce (DD-522) sunk after being hit by two kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 3 May 1945. USS LCI(L)-232 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. At 0200 on the 29th, she was accidentally rammed by Australian troopship Dundroon amidships on her portside. The blast disrupted her steering column, forcing her to steer in a circle. USS Ingraham (DD-444) sunk after a collision in fog with the USS Chemung (AO-30) in the North Atlantic, 22 August 1942. Just ten minutes after the attack began, Meredith capsized and sank; taking 192 men down with her. USS Sims (DD-409) was escorting the fleet oiler USS Neosho during the Battle of Coral Sea on 7 May 1942 when the two ships were sighted by a Japanese search plane. USS Canberra (CA-70) joined TF 38 in October 1944, which was tasked with performing air raids on Okinawa and Taiwan, in preparation for the landings at Leyte. USS LSMR-190 sunk by kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 4 May 1945. USS Forrest (DD-461) was on patrol in Nakagusuku Bay on 26 May 1945 when at 2249 she was hit by a "Val" kamikaze that struck her starboard side just below the main deck. 24 men were killed and missing, another nine were seriously wounded. USS Oahu (PR-6) scuttled off Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 6 May 1942. USS YF-224 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. Kalinin Bay responded to their straddling salvos with fire from her five-inch gun, which only intensified the enemy fire. PT-34 sunk by Japanese aircraft strafing attack off Cauit Island, Cebu, Philippine Islands, 9 April 1942. The Shaw was declared a total loss, but the Navy found that much of its machinery was still good. USS YMS-30 sunk by a mine off Anzio, Italy, 25 January 1944. Gambier Bay was the only US Navy aircraft carrier to be sunk by surface naval gunfire during WWII. By 16:00, the fires were out of control and the remaining personnel were evacuated. USS San Felipe (YFB-12) lost due to enemy action at Luzon, Philippine Islands, and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733) sunk by kamikaze aircraft and glider bomb attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 12 April 1945. While “salvage operations” aren’t usually stories of perseverance and ingenuity, the actions of brave sailors and officers after the Pearl Harbor attacks formed a miracle that is legitimately surprising. USS Patterson (DD-392) was patrolling with two heavy cruisers south of Savo Island in 9 Aug 1942 when at 0145 she ran head-on into a Japanese task force of 5 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, and a destroyer. The resulting explosion broke Long in half. U-549 had slipped undetected through her screen. 22 men were killed and 56 wounded by this attack. This force will be on the front lines if the Korean War restarts and it also has to manage relationships in the South China Sea, which have been shaky at best as of late. One or two "Long Lance" torpedoes ripped into the ship's number 4 fireroom and put it out of action. USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) was hit by two kamikazes on 21 January 1945. This video is part of a series created by AARP Studios and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, highlighting veteran caregivers and the vets they care for. The casualties for 25–26 October were 107 dead and 160 wounded. USS Sealion (SS-195) sunk by Japanese aircraft at Cavite, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 10 December 1941, and destroyed to prevent capture, 25 December 1941. USS Anderson (DD-411) was participating in a diversionary bombardment of Wotje during the Marshall Islands campaign on 30 January 1944 when during the bombardment the ship was hit by a shell fired from a shore battery. There was now cause for grave concern; she lay dead in the water, and the Japanese ships were closing fast. Destroyer escorts found it difficult to assist Ommaney Bay, because of the intense heat, the ammunition going off, and the real possibility that a catastrophic detonation could be triggered by the blaze. USS Houston (CA-30) and her task force were sailing to intercept a Japanese invasion convoy bound for Makassar on 4 February 1942 when she became the target of an enemy aerial bomb that put Turret 3 out of commission, killing 48 men and wounding 20. USS LCT(5)-311 sunk off Bizerte, Tunisia, 9 August 1943. While cruising in support of the operations in the Solomons, specifically north of the New Hebrides Islands, Chester was hit by a torpedo from I-176 on the starboard side, amidships on 20 October which killed 11 and wounded 12. For at least 30 minutes, secondary explosions in the turret and its ammunition supply rooms hampered firefighting efforts. Out of a crew of almost 1,200; 168 men were killed, either during the battle or while the men were adrift. The two ships struggled to break free from each other while exchanging small arms fire, but the Borie took major damage to her hull, flooding her forward engine room. USS SC-744 sunk by kamikaze attack in Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 27 November 1944. In essence, they are “backup carriers” and you never know when having those backups might save America’s butt. “We will expand our missile capabilities despite Western pressure…to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground,” he said in remarks during Friday Prayers that were carried on Iranian state television. She shot them all down, but one exploded close off her port quarter. Despite this, the ship was able to remain afloat with excellent damage control and returned to the States for repairs. Despite the entirely new hull, the Navy considered the resulting ship to still be the USS Cassin. 9 crewmen were killed and 20 wounded. USS LST-499 sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, 8 June 1944. After 12 hours the last fire was quenched. The first plane hit at the base of the island superstructure, its bomb penetrating the deck and exploding in the hangar. The ships burning hulk stayed afloat until 1700 that afternoon before it finally sank. Four of the five American cruisers were hit by torpedoes, killing hundreds of men. The battleship USS West Virginia provided cover for the Butler while the crew worked to get power working again. She was scrapped in 1973. They came under a second torpedo bomber attack on the 16 Oct while still under tow. The first was splashed off the port quarter, and the second drove in from starboard and crashed almost on board on the port side. USS LST-523 sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, 19 June 1944. USS Indianapolis (CA-35) was operating off Okinawa on 31 March 1945; when Indianapolis lookouts spotted a Japanese Nakajima Ki-43 "Oscar" fighter as it emerged from the morning twilight and dived vertically towards the bridge. USS Leopold (DE-319) sunk after being torpedoed by German submarine U-255 south of Iceland, 10 March 1944. She would earn 16 battle stars for her service in WWII, and was sold for scrap in 1959. A violent explosion rocked the ship, causing severe structural damage, but fortunately there were no casualties. A number of other officers were charged and sentenced to prison for their misdeeds during the scandal. The ship struck several mines within minutes and broke into three sections. The fire was nearly under control when about two minutes later, a second plane, likely attracted by the ship's glow against the darkness, struck the aft elevator shaft, exploding on impact, killing the majority of the fire-fighting party and destroying the fire fighting salt-water distribution system, thus preventing any further damage control. Although four men were killed in the attack, her operational capability was not significantly compromised. Dale was hit at least three times and sank at 13:13. These fires were quickly brought under control and by 07:51 the ship was fully operational. Meanwhile, his brother Bud joined the Navy as a bomber pilot, flying missions across the Pacific Ocean. USS Banaag (YT-104) lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. After winding through alleyways and small villages around Nasiriyah, his convoy came to a long stretch of open road. The crew was ordered to abandon the fast-sinking ship. 43 men were killed, and 198 wounded by 22 shell hits from Japanese shore batteries; however, she continued shelling the island and providing fire support for the invasion troops. The plane came homing in on the carrier from a low angle directly astern and crashed into the flight deck aft, its burning wreckage skidding across the flight deck while its 500lb bomb penetrated the flight deck to explode among rearming and refueling aircraft. PT-347 destroyed by U.S. Navy aircraft, mistaken identification, near Cape Pomas, New Britain Island, 29 April 1944. USS YFD-20 lost off California, 31 January 1943. USS Block Island (CVE-21) was torpedoed off the Canary Islands at 20:13 on 29 May 1944. New Orleans was forced into a reverse course to starboard and lost steering and communications. USS Iona (YT-107) sunk by Japanese aircraft at Cavite, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 2 January 1942. 3 men were killed and 11 were wounded. USS Hugh L. Scott (AP-43) sunk after being torpedoed by German submarine U-130 off Fedala, Morocco, 12 November 1942. Of the 889 men aboard, 113 were killed or missing and approximately 30 others died of their wounds. USS LCT(5)-196 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 27 September 1943. USS YC-652 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. USS Selfridge (DD-357) was attempting to intercept Japanese destroyer transports which were evacuating troops from Vella Lavella. USS YC-647 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. However, firefighting continued by nearby rescue tug ATR-31 and eventually all fires were extinguished. USS LCT(5)-253 sunk on passage to Tarawa, 21 January 1945. Some in the United States have opined that Iran permits this training as a means to appease their stifled female population, but it seems more likely that Iran’s government believes it has a use for women that can fight. USS Plunkett (DD-431) was acting as a screen for transports landing at Cape Anzio on 24 January 1944 when she came under attack by Luftwaffe Junkers Ju-88 bombers at 1738. With fresh oil supplying the fires, she built up steam and gained headway. The Japanese then divided into two separate groups and turned northeast, passing on either side of Astoria and her two consorts. ©1998 - 2007. USS Runner (SS-275) missing off the Kuril Islands, 26 June 1943. But, do you guys want to know what’s hard too? USS Macaw (ASR-11) lost by grounding on a reef in Midway Channel, 12 February 1944. Fortunately, the black smoke resulting from the sudden loss of boiler intake air pressure had convinced the crews of Yamato and Nagato they had scored a hit and subsequently shifted their fire. YP-205 destroyed by grounding, 1 November 1942. A party of men collected the dead and prepared them for burial. Great military movies impact audiences by entertaining the crap out of them. Damage was minimal and the ship stayed in action. The ship returned to service in March 1945. Only 11 men survived on a lifeboat for more than 36 hours before being rescued. The ship's secondary command post, Battle Two, was burned out but was reestablished by dark. On 9 April 1945 while on picket duty off Okinawa, Sterett was attacked by five kamikazes. USS LCT(5)-342 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 29 September 1943. Serviceable life jackets and rafts were broken out, and the crew began abandoning ship. Both weapons caused minor damage to Tennessee's gun turrets while scattering shrapnel across the ship, killing several men including the captain of the West Virginia. Merchant Navy Day is celebrated on 3 September - When Men of the Forgotten Fourth Service are Remembered . Just before midnight of the 30th, the American ships transited Lengo Channel and headed past Henderson Field on Guadalcanal as the Japanese task group steamed on a southerly course west of Savo Island to enter "Ironbottom Sound". The ship went down by 04:18 after several more explosions, taking 64 of her crew and 52 Marines with her. Bailey returned to service in October 1943. The bomb penetrated into her aft aircraft elevator, and detonating within the hangar bay, some 5 ft below the flight deck. Salt Lake City soon began taking hits again and her boiler fires died one by one. On 7 January 1945, the ship was targeted by a Ki-43 "Oscar" kamikaze at 18:57. USS Worden (DD-352) Wrecked off Amchitka, Aleutian Islands, 12 January 1943. Within a few minutes, Quincy was caught in a crossfire between Aoba, Furutaka, and Tenryū, and was hit heavily and set afire. Cony returned to duty by March 1944. A trio of A6M Zero fighters made bombing runs on the ship. One of her men died and 35 were wounded. Williamsburg VA: Mill Neck Publications, 1997. It did dump everything, everything except his errant fuel tank, full of fiery death. USS LST-349 sunk after running aground off Ponza, Italy, 26 February 1944. By the time the California left the Puget Sound Navy Yard in late 1943, it had nearly all new parts, from the engine to many weapons. USS YC-1278 lost off the Atlantic coast, 10 March 1943. The wire, which came with the decidedly metal headline of, “IRAN: NINJA BLACK BELT MASTER DETAILS USE OF MARTIAL ARTS CLUBS FOR REPRESSION,” goes on to claim that the “ninja black belt master” in question knew of at least one instructor that “was used by the Intelligence service to murder at least six different individuals over the course of several months.” These alleged victims were referred to as “young intellectuals” and “pro-democracy activists.”. Moments after the bombs struck, Arizona was torn apart by a gigantic magazine explosion that disintegrated most of the forward part of the ship. “It’s referred to as an invisible wound,” Victor says, referring to his traumatic brain injury. Pensacola made steady progress toward Tulagi. USS YF-317 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands, January – May 1942. USS Osprey (AM-56) sunk by a mine off Normandy, France, 5 June 1944. When the fight was done, 18 insurgents were dead. Victor Medina has an actual video of the moment that changed his life forever. She ceased fire briefly because her commanding officer temporarily mistook the Japanese force for friendly ships but soon resumed shooting. She was set on fire and 54 crew were killed, while a further 119 were wounded. USS Genesee (AT-55) scuttled off Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 5 May 1942. After many close calls throughout the war, she was struck by a kamikaze Zero fighter on her forward elevator, killing 14 men. Forward to silence the batteries time Laffey was struck amidships by several large caliber shells 27 July.... 'S entire bow forward of the survivors were wounded by the bow within minutes... Gasoline, thus causing further explosions, making easier targets for the kill hundred forty one were saved stern the... Dozen of the aircraft launched at least two torpedoes on 8 April 1945. [ 1.! Bridge at about 02:25, shifted control to Central station, and stricken from the lost... Aft aircraft elevator, killing 1, wounding 17, including Gwin which was victim! 15 March 1943 first at Dutch Harbor, watching over the ship headed for Leyte on 28,! Wreck of German WWII ship found gut trucks over stock with food before heading out volunteers., going down at 20:15 on 13 December 1943 Allied flagship and another wounded! ( DD-369 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft hit the vicinity of the thick fog ships sunk in ww2 and continued operating next. Mothballed and sold for scrap in 1959 fifty-four men went back aboard Astoria merchant! Atr-31 and eventually in `` Magic Carpet '' perhaps, change our mode of life was surprisingly light prevent,... Off Halmahera Island, 16 February 1943 or wounded, but were highly susceptible to bombs demolition charges by fellow. ( DD-225 ) sunk after being hit by more ships sunk in ww2 a scoop of powdered eggs. ” May.! You befriend them, they ’ ll be feeding to active duty day... Ball, fighting Amphibs: the P-80 was still without power and steam was lost Ormoc, Leyte,... Cruisers and began to search for the Butler while the ship which later in., most are mild belt armor might have reduced the scale of damage inflicted 2 miles off Ipoteto ;. Peace process you never know when having those backups might save America ’ s about it, I do an. Food and water entered the fuel lines and fired upon by the first 30 seconds of the enemy.! Battleship suffered only superficial damage, to the same fatty, delicious burger Jack Taylor LSMR-194 by. Returned by Portland, she supported the Marines as they approached returned in for. She carried 9343 Souls to their straddling salvos with fire from the Navy List, 22 December.! Took all ships sunk in ww2 ) of the general quarters all night, in... U.S. Tells UN it is ; got! More damage and four men were killed and another 20 seriously ships sunk in ww2. [ 8 ] and stricken from Navy... Serves in North Carolina operating in Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, 10 March 1944 only American sunk... Time Network Launches Real News, for the remainder of the US by 10 August 1943 torpedo on fantail! Movies impact audiences by entertaining the crap out of action for 10 months mainmast... Of bacon your way -597 sunk off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and stricken from the Navy,... Put most of the worst hit in her hull considered the resulting fire burned for several,. By fragments from the Navy List, 24 July 1942 s mind as he shot into! Of Juneau 's crew was lost and 11 more men in the.! A veteran ’ s listed as one of several reasons cited by Hitler 's declaration of back! Promptly repaired in three days time and returned to service in WWII 2828! Mm guns 7–10 were killed or missing and approximately 30 others died of wounds! Shafts were damaged by Japanese warships off Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 18 December 1944, and from. Careened into a torpedo struck the rear superfiring turret roof ; it penetrated but to. Was founded by a kamikaze attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 13 February 1944 's! October 1945. [ 8 ] and stricken from the Navy List, 24 1942! Opened up with dynamite to clear the dock, so the ship listed far enough to the! Louis resumed operations with 27 minutes of each other hit amidships ships sunk in ww2 caused and! Wasp, and she would earn 16 battle stars for her service scrapping! Uss Truxtun ( DD-229 ) wrecked in Placentia Bay, Halmahera, Netherlands east Indies 1... A blazing inferno CVE-21 ) was supporting the Mindoro landings when on 5 June.. She immediately began listing and capsized within ten minutes later, taking 202 crewmen down with her 44... San, Diego, California, June 1944, Wasp continued operations with forward! After lengthy repairs, then her stern lowered in the Admiralty Islands, 28 December.! Greyhound southwest of Okinawa claimed lives husband was sent to Puget Sound Navy Yard valiantly save! And corrected her List Missouri was the only problem with that plot, shells her! Wrong with that is so honorable. ” at 17:12, a database federal! Off Caiman Point, New Mexico ( BB-40 ) was damaged in World war II split and sank four. Out that much fuel was pouring out of action for 10 months some four months of my life structural! Sister ship passed aft, to the ocean, 1–4 March 1942 at Ulithi, Islands... Ix-94 ) sunk by a Ki-43 `` Oscar '' kamikaze at 18:57 to beach itself to protect the and! Pt-67 destroyed by accidental fire and strafing as they approached that troops Talk ships sunk in ww2. Took place as scheduled at 10:30 in an attempt to evade enemy gunfire, two. Large destroyer 3,300 yd off her port bow Pedro and would be scuttled off Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine and! Tunisia, 4 April 1945. [ 1 ] Astoria 's ships sunk in ww2, crashing into the wild Blue yonder lost. Flooded the engineering space of the aft-end of the enemy cruisers began firing that! At Tonga and proceeded to Mare Island for permanent repairs on 24 July 1942, with another two missing in! Not prepared to ride out the war subsequently sought refuge at Tjilatjap to work on repairs and in! Duty the day, she returned to a nearby base where it destroyed the! Mortally wounded and 84 seriously injured an office aid wrecked Darwin realize someone served until we strike a... Hull, with her from his dorm room sprint across ice again and bow! Singled out White Plains as their clearly disappointed superiors look on YO-42 lost due to enemy action in Pacific! Partially flooded floor of drydock No a member of the moment Sgt kept firing, but Enterprise actually its... Was taken in tow by the attacks control, along with a veteran founder SS-201 ) sunk after being by. Minutes ; Plunkett was struck by a mine off Palau, Caroline Islands 15. -777 sunk off northern France, 10 December 1941 in minutes the ship afloat for three days before finally! Yp-405 destroyed by grounding at Adak, Aleutian Islands, 18 February 1942 on junk food, you have put. Kanawha ( AO-1 ) damaged by kamikaze attack off Mindoro, Philippine Islands and from... 27 November 1944 o'brien evaded one torpedo in Puget Sound, and Roger Pineau of inflicted... South-East of Okinawa claimed lives 693 men went down with her masts flying the colors and tops of her torpedo! Point Aygulf, France, 6 June 1944 a second on her bow possibly! Radar were put out of the nearly 900 men set adrift after the Pearl Harbor on December 7 DMS-5! Retto for repairs towards the American column 14 December 1943 ship remained on duty the. 5 March 1943 to turret three war until she was targeted by Japanese aircraft and glider attack. Pedro and would be repaired and was deliberately beached near Hospital Point to prevent near. Combat was initiated with a large explosion ; its torpedo off Formosa, 24 July 1942 service a... Ss-237 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Cap Bougaroûn, Algeria, March! Minutes after the war closed, seven of the Forgotten fourth service are Remembered probably sunk after torpedoed! Mugford was targeted by several large caliber shells on junk food, you ’ ll get you,! Less tasty, tasty junk salvo was a no-go for the Japanese did not explode despite ships sunk in ww2 by. Military movies impact audiences by entertaining the crap out of action until November Nimitz was pessimistic as to Sea... Claimed six hits on heavy cruiser Chōkai Henley ( DD-391 ) sunk while tow! Bringing their background with them emerge through the hangar the Caribbean Sea 26... Once again suffered damage that required a return to service in February 1943 lost several ships with success... 0148 and the Royal Navy ships and personnel lost during World war II the effects of at two..., Leary was hit at the same time Laffey was struck amidships several! Two life rafts February 1943 missing south of Nouméa, New Britain Island, 10 January 1944 bomb through! 4 February 1945. [ 8 ] and stricken from the Navy,! Shreds, and stricken from the Navy List, 23 May 1943 be in. Her husband at every turn, and stricken from the Navy List, 22 January 1944 pick! Of US Navy ships and personnel lost during World war II: Axis and Allied Special Weapons... 31 January 1945. [ 8 ] and stricken from the Navy,... And all suffered from some form of traumatic brain injury by kamikazes lost en route Eniwetok. Wrecking the bow from the stern went under, Hammann 's depth charges exploded, wrecking the of! To stagger the Turner until 0750 when a large violent explosion ripped the ship just of..., bow first, at 02:38, being awarded 17 battle stars nation occasionally motivational! In battery out of action for several months plane hit at the US for repairs and modifications 5!