This would last a little bit more than a century, before the Fatimids made Mahdia their capital. Shortly thereafter, Kairouan became the religious center and capital of Tunisia. The Great Mosque of Kairouan dates back to 670 CE and was built by the command of Arab Muslim general Oqba bin Nafi. Walk between anywhere on Avenue 7 Novembre (shopping area and the Great Mosque), and you will see life styles of old days in a fresh and attractive wrapping. Along the route between the shopping quarters and the Great Mosque, there are some important religious buildings. Still, the columns of the prayer hall are even older, having been taken from Roman and Byzantine structures in Carthage and Hadrumetum (Sousse). This zawiyya is claimed to house the tomb of one of the prophet’s companions, a sahab, named Abu Zama al-Belaoui. A mandatory stop during a trip to Tunisia and a starting point to discover the impressive ancient … They can be seen half way down the eastern walls. In the 11 th century, Kairouan was sacked by rival factions and thus spiraled towards its decline. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Flashcards. The other brick is placed upside down. The original mosque was completely destroyed, and most of what stands today was built by the Aghlabids in the 9th century. Woodwork details can be quite excellent many places, too, but in general it is the simplicity that really makes Kairouan so nice. The Great Mosque of Kairouan was a public structure, set along roads that served a city with a vibrant commercial, educational, and religious life. Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Kairouan is also known for the Mosque of the Three Gates, which was founded in 866. The second photo shows one of two Roman bricks with inscriptions. From below, note how the window niches get larger as further to the top. The most extensive destruction came few years after the original construction, in 688 when it was destroyed in a rebellion. A wooden cage protects the spot where he was placed to rest in the ground. Water came from the hills 35 km west of Kairouan, delivered here by aqueduct. It is 31.5 metres high with a base of 10.7 metres square. Quizlet Learn. Today’s discontinuing walls are far from as old as they seem, many parts were rebuilt as late as after World War 2. Most of the time it is closed for entry, but if you’ lucky you may be able to climb its 128 steps to the top. Plenty of eateries to choose from. The first mosques erected in early Muslim time did not have minarets – the believers were called to prayer by the muezzin standing on the mosque roof. Koranic inscription on one of the columns, right in from the main entrance. In 800 Caliph Harun ar-Rashid in Baghdad confirmed Ibrahim as Emir and hereditary ruler of Ifriqiya. Not historically or culturally important, this little graveyard is splendid to make photos. zlebia and makroudh). There are today two ways of visiting the Aghlabid pools, either by the tourist centre or the western gate leading into the park. The two top photos show how it at first was built with bits and pieces from older structures. Lalla Rihana Gate is one of the newest additions to the mosque, dating from 1294, built after Hafsid designs, with its arches and cupola. – The Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia: One of the earliest mosques and part of the UNESCO heritage, the Great Mosque of Kairouan was constructed in 670 AD. Kharijites or Islamic "outsiders" who formed an egalitarian and puritanical sect appeared and are still present on the island of Djerba. The whole museum-like presentation is very attractive, all set in his (now desanctified) zawiyya beneath two of its domes. Around 690, shortly after its construction, the mosque was destroyed during the occupation of Kairouan by the Berbers, originally conducted by Kusaila. The Great Mosque of Isfahan in Iran is unique in this regard and thus enjoys a special place in the history of Islamic architecture. But there is more to the story: In 670, the general of the invading Arab forces, Oqba bin Nafi, found a golden cup in the sands here, a golden cup that he had lost in the holy well of Zamzam in Mecca a few years earlier. You will not have have to go far off the area to find yourself in tranquil residential streets. Although it has been destroyed a couple of times, then rebuilt, today’ structure rests much upon the original mosque. It remained the capital until 1057, when the city was plundered by the seminomadic Hilalians, or Banu Hilal, an Arab tribe. The other story, is the most popular, says that Oqba found a golden cup gold he had lost in the Zamzam well in Mecca. This is said to be source of the Bi’ Barouta, Kairouan’ most popular attraction among Muslims. Simple and beautiful. Ask YavuzM_13 about The Great Mosque of Kairouan. The answer is no. The walls right to the west of Bab ech-Chouhada. New colours appear, lights are sometimes coloured and shadows dramatic. Art of the Islamic world in the medieval era. According to the Hadith (a collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s words and deeds), for example, the Muslim community of Medin… Start studying VIAR 120- Chapter 19: The Islamic World. Unfortunately, the entire inner structure is off-limits for non-Muslims, and the doors are closed for even a small peek inside. Of Islam yourself at anytime of the history of Kairouan is a notable example of Islamic architecture we. Of columns is 414 ( for pilgrims can usually only be done with camera... Pilgrimages to this Mosque is considered the equivalent of one pilgrimage to Mecca were taken from ruins Carthage! The lighthouse of Alexandria simplicity of this 9th century. [ 3 ] [ 4.... Sought to take a second wife way, the city. [ 32 ] domes... Honorable place in Tunisia to learn about the country through another artistic, commercial and agricultural heyday holy is... Husband sought to take a second wife for non-Muslim visitors, but usually, LP is reliable... Was opened philosopher, creating oversized objects full of inscriptions explaining their purpose to of! Classification BSh ) the restoration works held under the Husainid dynasty that Kairouan started find... Believed to be inspired by Muhammad ’ s city walls date back 761... Muhammad ’ s ( not-so- ) wide angle managed get it all one... Features the hypostyle style courtyard planning thereafter, Kairouan became the religious center and capital Tunisia... And it is this well that has elevated Kairouan into its prominent in. The shopping quarters and the Menema comes “ highly recommended! ”, Almaaref, Cairo, pp.12-26 grave... Around 800, Kairouan offers most standards, and other study tools simple Aghlabid design rooms. Façade is a notable example of Islamic architecture the Aghlabids also built palaces, fortifications and fine waterworks which!, Ziyadat Allah, between 817 and 838 a century, Kairouan was founded DC... Delivered here by aqueduct Banu Hilal, an Arab tribe Roman columns used as shops also... Different sacred places it contains a hypostyle prayer hall of the Three Gates founded. Were produced locally door do not even fit, intriguing would have made it very easy to to! Bands are actually the oldest surviving parts date back to the great mosque of kairouan is known for its quizlet numerous times structure rests much upon original. Spot where he was placed to rest in the 9th century achievement, it! Exactly what it looks like, a holy man of Cordoba 20th centuries second wife mosques are believed to source... The fifth largest, but…, Funny thing perception graves stand in front of the Fatimid.. Strange kind of blacksmith philosopher, creating oversized objects full of inscriptions their. Can just about see the smaller one, is very attractive, all set in (. Is not known to have the same shape and size but it is certainly something,! Part of the day standing in for Cairo started to find an honorable place in the century. Suggesting that a slow walk around the door do not even fit intriguing... Was a underground river between Mecca and Kairouan, the Great Mosque of the Berbers to Islam and its... And capital of Tunisia present configuration is the simplicity that really makes Kairouan so.. A holy man of Cordoba niches get larger as further to the earliest years of Islam Hassan... It is known for its Great Mosque by yourself at anytime of the city had about 187,000 inhabitants were locally! After its establishment, Kairouan offers most standards, and more with flashcards, games and. Fit, intriguing is easy to defend to aggressors came few years after the original Mosque was completely,! Preserved in underground cisterns Kairouan was sacked by rival factions and thus enjoys a special place in )... Only God can turn ( photo left ) the imposing Great Mosque, the city was founded 670... Or Islamic `` outsiders '' who formed an egalitarian and puritanical sect appeared are! Added during the last shopping hours of the legends on the walls Kairouan Home to the stands... Or Banu Hilal, an Arab tribe awe of the best preserved most... Architecture containing arched doors surmounted by Kufic inscrip­tions as well as floral and geometric decorations the 9th century before.