Different Ways to Eat Cherimoya. Like a homemade pudding made virtuous — that’s the beauty of the cherimoya. One day I may be tempted to make a cherimoya flan, or some cherimoya ice cream, or perhaps a cherimoya smoothie, but it’s hard to mess with perfection. Or into quarters. This time it is Cherimoya on the schedule. The skin, thin or thick, may be smooth with fingerprint like markings or covered with conical or rounded protuberances. Vitamin C also helps to combat free radicals in the body, providing healthy and flawless skin. A very exotic and unusual fruit, the cherimoya is a sweet fruit that tastes a lot like a pear and has a soft, smooth texture. Cut the cherimoya in half and put it face-down on a greased cookie sheet. These greenish-yellow, conical fruits are from the evergreen trees belonging to the family Annonaceae , in the genus of Annona . Who wouldn’t want to eat a fruit that tasted like heaven? 14. How to Eat Cherimoya. To eat cherimoya, simply scoop out the flesh and eat it alone or as a topping in yogurt, oatmeal or fruit salad. 12 Sprouts emerging from cherimoya seeds, from a supermarket fruit in North Carolina . Freeze the flesh. Cut the cherimoya in half and put it face-down on a greased cookie sheet. Cherimoya — also known as custard apple — is a sweet, tropical fruit with a creamy texture. Cherimoya or custard apple is a fruit with many properties. 7 Flower female Fig. 10 Fig. In this guide, we will discuss what it is, how to eat it, and what are the possible health benefits of Cherimoya Due to its high levels of vitamin C, it also works as an antioxidant that … It is not recommended to share cherimoya with your pets. of Jackfruit! Max Whitmore is a personal trainer with more than three years experience in individual and group fitness. The best way to eat cherimoya is raw, although it is commonly mixed in with ice creams and other sweet treats. Its fruity taste is light and refreshing, but the creamy, custardy texture is also comforting to eat. The texture of the cherimoya is similar to custard, or avocado. Cut the interior into cubes and mix it into a salad with other tropical fruits, such as banana, pineapple and mango. There is research to suggest that high consumption levels of Annona fruits increases the risk of a specific form of Parkinson’s disease. Cherimoya is used for making desserts, comprising ice-creams and sorbets but, if you want to eat a delicious bowl of fruit, just chill a perfectly ripened cherimoya and then cut it in half and enjoy its creamy flesh with a teaspoon, taking care to avoid its shiny black poisonous seeds. The cherimoya flavor is described as a combination of that of papaya, banana, mango, passion fruit, lemon and pineapple and its texture is very much custard-like. You can also peel the fruit, cut it into cubes, and remove the seeds. What I eat in a Day as a Fruitarian #98. I was brave enough to grab one at the market...now I'm hooked! Cherimoya Benefits Tree, Seeds and How to Eat. (Image by sardinelly.) No wonder, the name custard apple? Cherimoya is a creamy, sticky fruit that may damage materials. Cherimoya is a versatile fruit and the methods for eating cherimoya are only limited by your imagination. According to a famous plant explorer; David Fairchild "cherimoya ranks in delicacy of flavour and texture with the best fruit that grow". A compound fruit, the cherimoya is conical or somewhat heart-shaped, 4 to 8 in (10 to 20 cm) long and up to 4 in (10 cm) in width, weighing on the average 5 1/2 to 18 oz (150-500 g) but extra large specimens may weigh 6 lbs (2.7 kg) or more. A tropical fruit that has been popping up more in supermarkets, this is a super delicious custardy fruit that has a unique taste to it! Like other citrus fruits, the calamondin is is a segmented fruit full of juice and seeds inside a thin, smooth peel that is reminiscent of a tangerine 4. Anti-inflammatory properties. Cherimoya is part of the Annona family, and every member features the toxin. I chose not to eat the skin although it was gooey enough and appeared edible. You can eat ripe cherimoya with a spoon. You can also heat the cherimoya on the barbecue grill 1. Then, the chunks of the fruit is spooned out with a spoon, similar to eating an avocado. Cherimoyas are one of my most favorite fruits because they’re so creamy and juicy! Cut the cherimoya in half lengthwise and eat the flesh out of the fruit with a spoon. Cut the cherimoya in half lengthwise and eat the flesh out of the fruit with a spoon. It’s touted for its anti-inflammatory, mood-boosting and heart-protecting effects. Our quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns. 6 Annona cherimola (leaves) Fig. The best way to eat cherimoya is raw, although it is commonly mixed in with ice creams and other sweet treats. This beautiful fruit is CHERIMOYA and it's in season this month! Send beautiful gift baskets as gifts as special delivery with a personal message and are the best. in Spanish. How to Eat a Cherimoya Living in Ohio, you don't come across exotic fruits like this every day! Cherimoya is a fruit, which can be enjoyed fresh. It is a fruit grown in warm weather climates that looks like a cross between an avocado and hand grenade. First of all it should give in when you slightly squeeze it, like a ripe mango. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, a protein, which provides elasticity to the skin. I found out later you eat the whole thing – peel and all! Fun Facts about Cherimoya: Mark Twain called cherimoya, “the most delicious fruit known to man. If a pet consumes a seed, please contact your vet immediately. Scoop the interior into a bowl and remove the seeds with a spoon. However, cherimoya contains small amounts of toxic compounds — especially in the skin and seeds. Please keep away from furniture and clothing. for more ideas on how to eat this legendary fruit. Cherimoya Hand Pollination; How To Eat A Cherimoya Fruit (Custard Apple) CHERIMOYA: SWEET, CREAMY & DELICIOUS PERFECTION. With a natures bounty enriching this fruits flavor let us some ways of eating cherimoya. Sweet, pulpy, and fragrant rich cherimoya is one of the most delicious tropical fruits of Andean valley origin. Use your fingers to sort of pull apart the flesh — you’ll notice it falls apart in chunks. The fruit has a dull green skin with thumbprint-like indentations edged in brown. The cherimoya is a tropical fruit native to South America. Whitmore has written for several online publishers. Learn More. What it does taste like is an entire tropical fruit salad pureed into a silky, sweet, tangy custard. Cut the flesh into cubes and serve it over waffles or pancakes. <